Hand – Wounds: From healing to flaps

Basic knowledge: How wounds heal ?

Wound healing – presentation at the FESSH Academy 2019

With the sound

Hand Burns

Hand Burns: principles of treatment (FESSH Academy 2023)

Fingertip injuries

Fingertip injuries ( FESSH Academy 2023)

Flaps for fingertip injuries

Flaps (fingertip injuries) BSSH course lectures 2020

Flaps: hand and forearm

Flaps hand and forearm: FESSH Academy 2021

Special injuries

Extravasation injuries – FESSH Academy 2022

Extravasation injuries with the comments

High-Pressure injuries

Some references

Factors influencing wound healing

Soft tissue principles to minimize scarring

Physiology of wound healing

Physiology of acute wound healing

Extravasation injuries