Hand tumors

On this page, some presentations made by me or Dr Carmès on various tumors of the hand. You can also access the French page on tumors.

Some presentations were made at the FESSH Academy

Dr Sylvie Carmès, Guadeloupe
Pr Dumontier, Guadeloupe & UPMC

Hand tumors

Darier-Ferrand – Dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans

Tumeur d’Abrikossof des nerfs – Granular cell nerve tumor

Malignant hand tumors- Presentation at the FESSH academy 2019-2022

Imaging of hand tumors – Presentation at the FESSH Academy 2019

Mucous cyst

Hand and wrist Ganglia – IFSS 2022 prevention


Soft tissue sarcomas of the hand

Mucous cyst