Surgery of the nail

This page is dedicated to nail anatomy, traumatology of the nail and the surgical treatment of some nail disorders.

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Nail Anatomy

Nail anatomy and Physiology

Nail anatomy, nail physiology and treatment of nail traumas (Dr Carmès)

Nail traumatology – BSSH 2020

Nail: anatomy, physiology, traumatology

BSSH webinar, January 2023

Prevention of complication in surgery of the nails

Presentation made at there 2021 FESSH congress (in pdf and as a video with the comment)

Prevention of complication

Nail dystrophies

Disorders of the nail-BSSH 2020

Hook nails – surgical treatment

Reconstruction of post-traumatic nail dystrophies (conference in Padova, Italian Society for surgery of the hand annual meeting).

Miscellaneous nails

Onychomycosis-short presentation