Forearm-Interosseous membrane

This page is about the Interosseous membrane, its anatomy and biomechanics. You will find some presentations (in English mostly) and some references. Most of the experimental researches have been done by Pr Marc Soubeyrand

Pr Marc Soubeyrand

Presentations about the IOM and biomechanics of the forearm

The three lockers concept

Biomechanics of the forearm

Forearm instability

The interosseous membrane: anatomy and pathology

The interosseous membrane: to repair or replace it

Some publications of interest about the IOM of the forearm

Biomechanics of forearm rotation

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The radius joystick test: how to diagnose a tear of the IOM during radial head surgery

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Management of the Essex-Lopresti lesions

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Essex-Lopresti lesions- FESSH Update

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