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Dear Friends and colleagues

You will find here some presentations we have done in English. Many other English presentations can be found in the sub-items (left banner) shoulder, elbow, nails,…They are not duplicated here.

You may use it as a frame to prepare a talk, or to get some information. Most of them are downloadable.  

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Hand lectures in Qatar
Some of the lectures we have done during our stays in Hamad Medical center during the years 2014-2019


complex upper limb reconstruction-2019

DRUJ-Anatomy Qatar 2014

DRUJ Anatomy-Qatar 2014 by dumontier

Hand function reconstruction after nerve injury

Hand Nerve Reconstruction[1] by dumontier

History of ulnar head replacement

History UlnarHead Replacement-Qatar2014 by dumontier

1st CMC joint arthritis

Rhizarthrose QATAR 2014 by dumontier

Trigger fingers and other diagnoses-2016

Trigger Finger and Other Diagnoses-Qatar 2016 by Professeur Christian Dumontier

De Quervain's-2016

De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis-Qatar by Professeur Christian Dumontier

Complications of hand fractures_Qatar 2017

Complications Hand Fx Qatar 2017 by Professeur Christian Dumontier on Scribd

Other Presentations
Other English presentations on Dupuytren’s Disease
Anatomy of palmar fascia

Anatomy Dupuytren by Professeur Christian Dumontier

Needle aponeurotomy

Needle Aponeurotomy by Professeur Christian Dumontier

Extensor tendons repair on the dorsum of the hand. Should we repair the associated structures (capsule, juncturae, sagittal bands…) at the same time ?

Should we repair anatomical structures

Should we repair anatomical... by on Scribd

BSSH Series 8, 1st course

Manchester 2020, January 31st-Feb 1st.

BSSH Series 8, 1st course
The presentations I gave during the FESSH Academy and some references I have found of great value

Dear Colleagues

Here are the two presentations I have made at the 1st course of the BSSH in Manchester

Flap for fingertip injuries

Lectures in Cartagena,
Lectures made during the Orthopedic meeting of the Colombian Society, 2015

Treatment of SLAC Wrist

Treatment of SLAC-Cartagena by Professeur Christian Dumontier

anatomy distal radius and surgical implications

Anatomy Distal Radius by Professeur Christian Dumontier

Interosseous membrane

IOM Cartagena by Professeur Christian Dumontier

elbow instability

Elbow Instability Cartagena by Professeur Christian Dumontier

Radial head prosthesis in total elbow arthroplasty

RHR and TEA-cartagena by Professeur Christian Dumontier

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