La Main – The Hand

Dans cette page vous trouverez diverses publications sur des sujets divers, ainsi que des liens vers des pages plus spécialisées
On this page, you will find presentations on various topics of hand surgery. You will also find links to more specialized subjects

Voici les liens vers des sujets plus spécialisés

Here are the links to more specialised subjects

Trauma. osSEUSE ET articulaire
OSteo-articular injuries
Tumeurs de la main
Hand tumors
La main de l’enfant
Hand disorders in children
FESSH Academy 2019
The presentations I gave during the FESSH Academy and some references I have found of great value
Physiology of wound healing and skin grafts
Compartment syndromes
Acute infection and anatomical basis for diffusion
The video of the presentations

The video on would healing:

some references related to the presentations
factors influencing wound healing
soft tissue principles to minimize scarring
physiology of wound healing
physiology of acute wound healing
Some presentations on various topics

A short presentation on High-Pressure injection injury, a not-to-be-missed emergency in hand surgery

High-pressure injection injuries
Hand infections

Presentations and references can be found here CLICK